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Plumbing and Property Maintenance

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At LD Plumbing & Property Services, we’re proud of the work we provide for our customers. We offer reliable, insured Plumbing and Property Maintenance services at a reasonable price across Bridgnorth, Telford and surrounding areas.

With over 12 years experience covering most trades, our team perform a wide variety of plumbing and property maintenance services at residential properties and businesses both indoors and outdoors. From a small one off repair to a large scale refurbishment, we’ve got you covered. Please contact us now for a free, no obligation quote.


Tired of plumbers who take themselves too seriously? Fear not! We areΒ here to bring a splash of humor to your leaky situations!

**Why LD Plumbing and Property Services?**

πŸ˜‚ **Laugh Your Leaks Away!**: Our team believes that a good laugh is the best way to fix a leak. With us, you’ll get a dose of humor along with expert plumbing and property services.

πŸ’§ **Leak Detection Ninjas**: Our plumbers are not just experts; they’re leak detection ninjas! They can find leaks faster than you can say, “Is that water on the ceiling?”

We areLD Plumbing and Property Services isn’t just about pipes. We juggle property repairs, fix faucets with flair, and make leaks disappear like magic.

🌈 **Rainbow of Services**:
– **Sink Symphony**: Turning drips into a musical masterpiece.
– **Toilet Tango**: We dance with toilets, but not in a creepy way.
– **Shower Stand-Up Comedy**: Because a good laugh is the best way to start your day.

🚨 **Emergency Laughs 24/7**: Plumbing disasters don’t follow a schedule, so neither do we! Call us anytime, day or night, for emergency services and a good chuckle.

πŸ€‘ **Budget-Friendly Giggles**: Quality service doesn’t have to cost a fortune. LD Plumbing and Property Services offer affordable rates and priceless jokes.

🎁 **Free Joke with Every Service!** 🎁
*Yes, you read that right! Every service comes with a complimentary joke to lighten your day.*

πŸ“ž **Call Us for a Leak and a Chuckle!**<br />LD Plumbing and Property Services are just a phone call away. Call us for leaks, laughs, and all your property needs.

Say goodbye to boring plumbing and property services; choose LD Plumbing and Property Services – where laughter flows as freely as water! 🀣🚿

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